AIG Companies:
Trusted and Connected

Partners for Knowledgeable Financial Expertise

American International Group, Inc. (AIG) companies partner with millions of consumers to provide knowledgeable financial insight from investments to life insurance products.

We pride ourselves in being responsive to our customers — Fortune 500 companies as well as individuals in more than 80 countries and jurisdictions around the world — and understanding of their needs. Our goal is to safeguard their futures by protecting them from the unexpected. We do this by being reliable, proactive, and helpful.

This is made possible, in part, by the connections and relationships between AIG (the parent company) and our subsidiaries, including AIG Life and Retirement and AIG Direct. These linkages enable us to leverage the strength of our entire company (size, scale, and diversification) to back our promises.

Our customers have a variety of concerns, challenges, and needs. To help them better manage these issues, we apply our industry knowledge and diverse experiences to provide expert recommendations best suited for their specific requirements.

Customers value AIG companies for several reasons, including our parent company’s solid reputation and commitment to excellence and customer service. Moreover, AIG is distinguished by our strong capital position, timely claims processing, extensive risk-management experience, and ability to be a market leader in critical lines of the insurance business.

These AIG attributes are embedded in the activities of AIG Life and Retirement, as well as AIG Direct. As a result, regardless of which entity customers choose to work with, they know AIG stands behind every transaction we do on their behalf. This level of understanding and trust between our businesses and clients allows us to provide the best level of service to fit a range of consumer needs.

AIG Life and Retirement

Founded in 1955, AIG Life and Retirement’s mission is to help individual customers deal with life events, money management, retirement planning, and tax matters. Our goal is to help them achieve financial and retirement security.

AIG Life and Retirement has four operating segments:

  • Individual Retirement
  • Group Retirement (AIG Retirement Services)
  • Life Insurance
  • Institutional Markets (AIG Funds)

Our experienced team has helped customers through a variety of different crises. As a result, we can help guide them through challenges they’re facing today and in the future. This consumer-focused approach has allowed AIG Life and Retirement to modernize our operating platforms and improve our digital capabilities to further enhance the customer experience. Our hard work has paid off, as our platforms have received industry-leading awards numerous years in a row. But most importantly, we've strengthened the quality and efficiency of our customer support.

We are confident AIG Life and Retirement is uniquely positioned to meet customer needs in an evolving market environment. Our diversified portfolio and distribution network enable us to tailor our offerings to best meet the needs of customers and distributors.

Within the Life Insurance segment, our activities are conducted through American General Life Insurance Company, The Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company, and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York, as well as AIG Life Limited in the U.K. and Laya Healthcare Limited in Ireland.

The scope is illustrated by the fact that, in the past five years alone, our U.S. life insurance companies collectively paid out $44.6 billion in claims and benefits to help families during times of loss or uncertainty.

AIG Direct

AIG Direct, which is part of our Life Insurance division, focuses on helping Americans secure life insurance at cost-effective prices. Aided by our financial strength, AIG Direct is one of the insurance industry’s fastest-growing and innovative companies.

AIG Direct fills a demand for an improved — and easier — method for securing direct-to-consumer life insurance at budget-friendly pricing with reliable protection. In fact, our services allow consumers to apply for a policy both on the phone and online based on their needs and preferences. These options enable thousands of customers each month to customize how they obtain accurate insurance quotes and high-quality coverage.

Since its launch more than 25 years ago, AIG Direct has been trusted by a million-plus customers to help protect the future for their families and loved ones. Consumers are supported by not only AIG Direct, but also the AIG family, and our commitment to providing an excellent level of care and services.

How AIG Entities Work Together

The strong relationship between AIG, AIG Life and Retirement, and AIG Direct means we will continue to deliver best-in-class life insurance, retirement, and institutional products. Our capital position, breadth of product expertise, and deep distribution relationships differentiates us, as does our commitment to customer service across all of our companies.