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Applying for Life Insurance

How Will My Family Medical History Affect My Life Insurance Rates?

Many factors go into determining whether or not you're approved for life insurance and how much you'll pay, and family medical history is one part of the puzzle.

4 Lifestyle Choices That Can Affect Your Life Insurance Policy

Find out which four lifestyle choices can affect your life insurance policy and how you can avoid them.

How Does Medical Underwriting Affect Your Life Insurance Premium?

If you're designating life insurance beneficiaries on a life insurance policy, avoid these common mistakes. Learn the answer to "what is a trust" and more.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Designating Life Insurance Beneficiaries

If you're designating life insurance beneficiaries on a life insurance policy, avoid these common mistakes. Learn the answer to "what is a trust" and more.

What are Life Insurance Riders?

Life insurance riders are an easy and affordable way to get additional coverage, without additional applications or exams. Find out why you might need one.

Life Insurance With Living Benefits

Life insurance with living benefits can help to cover medical bills and other expenses. Learn about the types of living benefits offered through AIG Direct.

Three Attributes to Look for in a Life Insurance Company

You want a policy from a life insurance company that will be around for the foreseeable future. To find one, look for these three attributes in a provider.

You Were Denied Life Insurance. What Now?

There are a number of steps you can take if you've been denied life insurance. Follow these five steps to ensure your loved ones have the coverage they need.

Life Insurance Claim Denied? Find Out Why & What to Do Next

Losing a loved one is devastating — and a denied life insurance claim only makes a bad situation worse. Find out why it happens and what you can do.

No-Medical Exam Life Insurance

Not all life insurance policies require a medical exam. Discover the options for no-medical-exam life insurance, along with the reasons you may need it.

What Questions Do Life Insurance Companies Ask & How to Prepare

Applying for life insurance is an important step, but with all the questions during the application process, it can start to feel a bit intrusive as well. You might expect to be asked a few simple questions about income and health, but it's unlikely that you'll expect the deluge of questions about your hobbies, lifestyle and net worth.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Coverage amounts can vary widely between individuals, but there are common threads in how we calculate and decide upon what is the right amount of life insurance. If you think you're ready to take the plunge, but want to do a little more research first, take a look at these tips for how to choose a coverage amount.

How to Prepare for the Life Insurance Medical Exam

While there is a lot riding on the life insurance medical exam, it's important to know what we are looking for and how you can improve your results, even if you only have a couple days or a few weeks before your test.

How Long Do I Need Term Life Insurance?

The world of life insurance is incredibly dynamic, but with so many options and decisions, the silver lining is that you can find a policy that fits your present and future needs.

5 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

Shopping around for life insurance gives you a great idea of the rates you'll receive and what is important to you in a policy.

How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Choosing who will receive your life insurance payout is an important step in purchasing a policy, and it isn't as simple as you might think.

What Is Accidental Death Insurance?

Accidental Death Insurance is a different way to help protect your family's financial future. Learn the ins, outs and why it might be a useful policy for your family.